2016 Program

The Biotech CEO Summit is designed to fully engage participants in thoughtful discussions around decisions and inflection points that many CEOs will encounter as they navigate through the challenges facing a biotech company in today’s environment. The topics are drawn from the participants themselves and from known events in the biotech community. This is unlike any other meeting for biotech CEOs.

Tuesday, July 12

4:00pmArrival & Registration
6:00pmBiotech CEO Summit Opening Events
  • Opening Reception
  • Welcome Remarks & Introductions
  • Fireside Chat: The Purposeful CEO – Growing Successful Biotechs that Deliver Transformational Therapeutics
  • Networking Dinner
9:30pmConclusion of Opening Events

Wednesday, July 13

8:15amWelcome, Overview and Rules of Engagement
8:30amDiscussion 1: Funding – Finding the Financing Strategy for Your Organization – trends, need to knows, and the real cost (Introduction of Pedestrian Oncology Case Study)
9:45amMorning Break
10:00amDiscussion 2: Investor Relations – Understanding and Expanding Your Investor Base
11:00amDiscussion 3: Strategy – It is Always Too Early to Plan For Commercialization Until It’s Too Late – Why and How You Should Think About It Now (Introduction of Lemur 1)
12:00pmNetworking Lunch
1:00pmDiscussion 4: Selecting Projects – There’s More Than Just The Science to Consider When Evaluating Which Assets Deserve Your Resources (Introduction of Lemur 2)
2:00pmDiscussion 5: Your Story – Vigilantly Developing and Communicating Your Story is a Key Tool That Drives Value
3:00pmUnguarded Conversation Among CEOs & Friends – Speaking Up for Our Industry
4:00pmBiotech CEO Summit Games
6:30pmWine Tasting & Gala Dinner

Thursday, July 14

8:25amWelcome Back & Summary of Day 1
8:30amDiscussion 6: Company Evolution – Managing Growing Pains as Your Organization Adapts to New Demands – Controls and Talent (Introduction of FifthFluor Case Study Part 1)
9:45amMorning Break
10:00amDiscussion 7: The Board – A Successful CEO Needs a Board Aligned With Their Vision (Introduction of FifthFluor Case Study Part 2)
11:00amDiscussion 8: Leading Through Adversity – Preparing Yourself And Your Organization to Weather the Shifting Winds As Events, Micro and Macro, Buffet Your Company
12:00pmNetworking Lunch
1:30pmDiscussion 9: Stakeholders – Beyond Investors, Patients, Regulators, and Payors Will Play a Key Role in the Success of an Organization
2:30pmAfternoon Break
2:45pmAn Unguarded Conversation Among CEOs & Friends – Critical Decisions & Inflection Points
3:45pmClosing Reception
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